What is Theranostics?

“A new diagnosis and therapy concept which combines personalized diagnostics and treatment targeted at the disease for cancer patients”


The word theranostics derives from English words “therapy” and “diagnosis”. It combines diagnosis, targeted therapy and monitoring of treatment response.

Theranostic Applications; allow for transition from a traditional treatment approach to a modern “personalized medicine” approach as they are patient-oriented rather than disease-oriented.

Many diagnostic and therapeutic procedures carried out in the Nuclear medicine clinics are theranostic in nature. The first theranostic agent in history of Nuclear medicine is the radioactive iodine which is used for treatment and imaging of thyroid diseases.

Radioactive Iodine therapy was first used in 1946 for patients with thyroid cancer. Since that time, theranostic agents have been constantly developed and used in medicine, they are used today as well, these practices are at an impressive level due to the outcomes.

For theranostic practices it is possible to gain images that assist with diagnostics and treatment. When the same agent is used for targeted treatment concomitantly. This approach may help to eliminate unnecessary treatments and/or help to optimize selection of treatment when standard therapy options are not appropriate or are insufficient.

Under Intheranostics.com, personalized diagnoses and treatments are applied in the following diseases;

Metastatic Prostate Cancer 
Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer 
Neuroendocrine Tumors
Thyroid Cancer
Liver Tumors