About Us

Who Are We?

Intheranostics.comis a digital platform that provides theranostic health services. Intheranostics.com is presented by MNT which is, operating under Bozlu Holding, a company investing in healthcare and medical technologies. MNT, Turkey’s first provider of Nuclear Medicine services, contributes significantly to the health systems of the countries it operates in. It has successfully applied the most up-to-date and modern “Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology” diagnosis-treatment methods in the countries where it operates, and has pioneered the sector in this sense. MNT has touched hundreds of thousands of cancer patients from all over the world for more than 30 years, and carries this experience to all centers where it operates. With its dynamic structure open to development following technology and innovations in the sector, it is among the “most experienced health service providers” in the field of oncology, and serves patients in many Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology Centers within universities, state hospitals and private hospitals. Intheranostics.com; It is a digital platform that presents MNT’s theranostic applications in the field of Nuclear Medicine in a comprehensive way and aims to provide services worldwide. It aims to guide patients and physicians about personalized diagnosis and treatments in cancer, and to manage the diagnosis and treatment process in the best way, with detailed and accurate analyzes.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive and accurate information about personalized diagnoses and treatments to patients and related physicians who can benefit from theranostic practices, and to facilitate access for cancer patients to theranostic methods.

Our Vision

To be a platform that is refferenced in the field of theranostic applications worldwide.