A New Concept In Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment


Theranostic Approach

You Can Cure If You Can See

Theranostic Approach

You Can Cure If You Can See

Theranostic Approach

You Can Cure If You Can See

What is Theranostics?

“A new diagnosis and therapy concept which combines personalized diagnostics and targeted treatment for cancer patients”

The word theranostics derives from English words “therapy” and “diagnosis”. It combines diagnosis, targeted therapy and monitoring of treatment response.

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Theranostic Applications;

Allow for transition from a traditional treatment approach to a modern “personalized medicine” approach as they are patient-oriented rather than disease-oriented. Many diagnostic and therapeutic procedures carried out in Nuclear Medicine clinics are theranostic in nature. The first theranostic agent in history of Nuclear Medicine is the radioactive iodine which is used for diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases.

Radioactive Iodine therapy was first used in 1946 for patients with thyroid cancer. Since that time, theranostic agents have been constantly developed and used in medicine, they are used today as well, these practices are at an impressive level due to the outcomes.

In Theranostic Practices

It is possible to use the same agent for targeted therapy while obtaining images for diagnosis and response of treatment. This approach may help to eliminate unnecessary treatments and/or help to optimize selection of treatment when standard therapy options are not appropriate or are insufficient.

How does Theranostic Therapy Applications work?

Conventional anti-cancer treatments, namely chemotherapy and radiotherapy, would be effected to healthy cells as well as cancerous cells.

Theranostic treatments are primarily targets cancer cells and protects healthy cells in the body, allowing therapeutic doses of radiation to be delivered directly to cancer foci in high doses.

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In simpler terms, in theranostic treatment applications, cancer cells are directly targeted, thus minimizing the radiation irradiation of healthy tissues, allowing the disease to be treated much more effectively.

Currently, this approach enables treatment for certain types of cancer with minimum side effects

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What Are the Advantages?

Cancer foci can be identified with specific drugs due to theranostics applications while they are still very small.

With targeted treatment, healthy tissues are protected and they are less damaged.  

Fewer side effects allow for quicker recovery.

Why Should You Prefer Us?

with intheranostics.com;

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Our knowledge and experience are at the service of patients and physicians.

We offer personalized and targeted treatment.

Thanks to our expert team, we manage the process perfectly.

We offer diagnosis and treatment opportunities in certified health centers.

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Why MNT is different?

We carried our experience and expertise in nuclear medicine and radiation oncology into the field of theranostics. We aim to provide cancer patients with access to theranostic diagnosis and treatment methods with an optimum quality-cost balance. In the world, we successfully implement all of the methods to JCI accredited health institutions.

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